Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Friday, April 14
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2hr 15mins // directed by:David Lynch // featuring:Sheryl Lee, Ray Wise, Heather Graham, Kiefer Sutherland // 35mm

After the cancelation of the television series Twin Peaks, David Lynch (Lost Highway) returned to the big screen to tie up loose ends and tell the back story of Laura Palmer: the days leading up to her brutal murder and the beginning of the FBI investigation into a mysterious murderer that could be tied-in with the death of Palmer.

Return to the idyllic Pacific Northwest town of Twin Peaks before homecoming queen Laura Palmer's grisly death tipped the community on its head. As with the best Lynch films, the seedy underbelly of an otherwise picture perfect town is revealed to be even more disturbing than anyone could have imagined.

Special Agent Chester Desmond (Chris Isaak) is investigating the murder of teen Teresa Banks when he mysteriously disappears. The following day long-lost Agent Philip Jeffries (David Bowie) appears to Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and shares with him a dream that he witnessed at the Black Lodge. Cooper is assigned to investigate the disappearance of Agent Desmond and try to piece together the Banks murder. He reaches a dead end, but is positive that the killer will strike again.

One year later in the town of Twin Peaks Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) is trying to keep up her chaste appearance at high school while engaging in recreational drugs and sex with nefarious men in out-of-the-way bars and gambling establishments, and running with "bad boy" James Hurley (James Marshall) behind her boyfriend's back. What is behind her dual personality? Nightmares of an unknown man and a room with red curtains haunt her. Could these be more than just dreams?

Almost universally panned upon release, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me has proven to be one of Lynch's best films and a crowning jewel in the cult of Twin Peaks.