None Shall Escape

Tuesday, May 8
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1hr 25mins // directed by:André De Toth // featuring:Marsha Hunt, Alexander Knox, Henry Travers

East Coast Premiere – New Digital Restoration

Q&A with Thomas Doherty, Brandeis University Professor & Author

The only Hollywood film made during World War II to depict the events later known as the Holocaust, None Shall Escape was released in January 1944 and powerfully imagines a postwar reckoning in which a United Nations Tribunal charges a Nazi war criminal with the murder of Polish Jews. Directed by Hungarian émigré Andre de Toth, shot by ace cinematographer Lee Garmes, scripted by Lester Cole, a future member of the Blacklisted Hollywood Ten, and starring Marsha Hunt and Alexander Knox, future members of the Committee for the First Amendment. Screening of this fascinating film celebrates the publication of Doherty’s new book Show Trial: Hollywood, HUAC & the Birth of the Blacklist.

Screening as part of the National Center for Jewish Film’s 21st annual film festival.