Joe Bob Briggs: A History of the Redneck in Film

Saturday, November 4
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1hr 30mins // featuring:Joe Bob Briggs

This has been the Year of the Angry White Man, but he’s actually just been hiding. That guy in the ripped spaghetti-strap t-shirt and the half-smoked Camel has a long and storied history that Joe Bob Briggs will explain in a fast-and-furious 90 minutes of film clips.

He'll reveal a) the identity of the first redneck in history, b) the precise date the first redneck arrived in America, c) the most sacred redneck cinematic moments, d) why the redneck is the scariest monster in all of film history, and d) the reason God loves rednecks. This one-of-a-kind live event, which will never be available online or anywhere else because we’re pirating the clips, features footage from . . . well, we guess we can’t tell you what classics the clips are from because Joe Bob Briggs, the outlaw drive-in movie critic from Grapevine, Texas, doesn’t want the Paramount lawyers to come down on his sneaky ass.