Monday, October 30
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1hr 38mins // directed by:Brian De Palma // featuring:Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie and Amy Irving // 35mm

For Carrie White (Sissy Spacek), what begins in blood ends in blood. Brian De Palma (Dressed To Kill, Scarface) takes Stephen King's first novel and creates one of the most harrowing high school films ever.

Carrie's mother, Margaret (Piper Laurie), is a domineering evangelical who beats and abuses her daughter in the name of purity, grace, and innocence. After her first period, strange things begin to happen when Carrie gets mad, and no bible-thumping matriarch is going to be a match for Carrie's newfound telekinetic powers...nor are the bullies that populate her school, for that matter.