Amazing Grace

Opens Friday, April 12
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1hr 27mins // directed by:Alan Elliott, Sydney Pollack // featuring:Aretha Franklin // DCP // CC, Assisted Listening

You haven't seen anything yet.

In 1972, Aretha Franklin recorded the album Amazing Grace at a church in south Los Angeles. Director Sydney Pollack (Out of AfricaTootsie) was there to film it, but due to issues with synchronizing the sound and with Franklin's estate, the film was never released—until now.

Films featuring women both behind and in front of the camera

" stands as a mighty historical document, a balm to the soul, and proof of genius." — Ty Burr, Boston Globe


"You get both the most lovely gaze a professional camera's ever laid upon Aretha Franklin and some of the mightiest singing she's ever laid on you." — Wesley Morris, New York Times


"...two days of Baptist church condensed to 90 minutes and injected directly into your soul." — Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times