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1hr 35mins
Directed by
Thomas D. Herman
voice of Sam Waterston

Lies, deceit, and the dangerous search for truth.

Tom Herman’s critically-acclaimed documentary Dateline-Saigon tells a vital tale of a small group of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists—The New York Times’ David Halberstam; AP’s Malcolm Browne, Peter Arnett, and the great photojournalist Horst Faas; and UPI’s Neil Sheehan—who fought, as their own government sought to discredit them, to report a ground truth vastly different from the rosy White House version during the early years of the Vietnam War.  In the era of Trumpism, Dateline-Saigon is a distant mirror on a present-day drama: the importance of courageous citizens to speak truth to power and hold government accountable. “If the government is telling the truth, reporters become a minor, relatively unimportant conduit to what is happening,” David Halberstam says in Dateline-Saigon. “But when the government doesn’t tell the truth, begins to twist the truth, hide the truth, then the journalist becomes involuntarily infinitely more important.”

Narrated by Academy Award-nominee Sam Waterston, Dateline-Saigon combines the drama and high stakes of All the President's Men with the romance and danger of The Year of Living Dangerously.

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