2016 Science on Screen Grant Application Guidelines

The Application Checklist

Grant applications must include the following items:

A.    Cover Sheet

All grant proposals must be accompanied by a completed Proposal Cover Sheet form. This form is available for download here.  

B.    Proposal

The content of the grant proposal should address the following and is not to exceed three single-spaced pages:

a. Please include a brief history of your organization, including any significant special programs and events you currently produce or have produced in years past.

b. Please explain why you feel your theater and surrounding community in particular are a good fit for a Science on Screen℠ series. Please include in your response any science, medical, or technology centers (including universities) that are nearby and could serve as a source of speakers.

c. Please include an outline of what one season of Science on Screen might look like at your theater. This outline should include a minimum of three films (one of which must be a Sloan film), and accompanying topics and scientists. (For the latter, you need not name  specific individuals; the field of science will suffice.) Please note that if selected for a grant, you are welcome but not obligated to stick to this outline.

d. Please discuss your strategy for lining up speakers to pair with each film.

e. Please discuss how you would successfully launch and promote this series.

f. Current grantees only: In addition to the above, please discuss the following: What measures have you taken and/or will take to ensure the long-term sustainability of Science on Screen at your theater?


C.   Sample of Past Successful Press/Marketing Campaign

We're looking to work with theaters that have a proven track record of promoting special programs and events like Science on Screen. Unless you are a current (2014) grantee, please submit a sample of a past successful press/marketing campaign your theater has undertaken. This may include press clippings or links to press coverage, sample outreach lists, promotional materials (such as postcards, posters), sample eblasts, social media metrics, etc. (Note to current grantees: You will be asked to include information on your SoS press and marketing activities in your final report.)


D.   Curriculum Vita(e) / Bios of Key Staff Associated with this Project

 Please include CVs or bios of key project staff that will implement and supervise your Science on Screen program. 


E. Screen Quantity and Theater Capacity

Please let us know how many screens you have, and what the seating capacity of each is. If you have multiple screens, please indicate which would be selected as the venue(s) for Science on Screen

F.    Program Budget

Please include a proposed budget for launching your own Science on Screen program. Please bear in mind that each theater selected for this grant must produce a minimum of three Science on Screen events during the course of the 10-month grant period. In addition, we are now requiring that three Science on Screen presentations be professionally videotaped (to be delivered to the Coolidge for use on SoS-related social media sites); please budget for this accordingly.

G.    Current Operating Budget

 Please include a copy of your organization’s current operating budget. If you do not yet have a budget for 2015, last year’s budget will suffice. 

H.   Tax-Exempt Determination Letter from the IRS

 Please include proof of your organization’s non-profit status with this application.  

The deadline for submission of these materials is July 22, 2016. Please visit www.coolidge.org/sloan for additional information.