Moviehouse One

Moviehouse 1, our grand downstairs theatre, seats 440 people. The theatre has a large stage ideal for panel discussions, Q&A's, live performances and interactive presentations.

In 2006, the theater underwent a major renovation, which restored many of the beautiful Art Deco details that had been lost over the years. The final phase of this renovation - a full restoration of our Art Deco ceiling mural - was completed in June 2010.

Moviehouse 1 is rarely available for rent due to our film programming. However, we do offer off-hours rentals, and will work with community partners or filmmakers on programs that we feel fit into our program mission. Please contact us with your inquiry by emailing

Use for rushes, film tests, film shoots, or "no service" usage is available only during weekday off-hours. Photography capture of theater interior space for promotional, commercial background or activity is subject to charges per industry standards. Reservations must be made in advance.

For more information, rates or other questions please contact the Coolidge Corner Theatre Foundation by completing the rental inquiry form below. Please include as much information about your event as possible.

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