The Young Karl Marx (Der Junge Karl Marx)

Sunday, October 22
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1hr 52mins // directed by:Raoul Peck // featuring:August Diehl, Stefan Konarske, Vicky Krieps // in German with English subtitles

The early years of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Jenny Marx, between Paris, Brussels and London. 26-year-old Karl Marx embarks with his wife, Jenny, on the road to exile.

In 1844 Paris, he meets Friedrich Engels, an industrialist's son, who investigated the sordid birth of the British working-class. The two like-minded men become friends and soon inspire each other to write texts in which they seek to provide a theoretical foundation for the revolution they believe must come. Their goal is no longer to merely interpret the world, but to change it. Fundamentally. Still in their twenties, the two helped alter the shape of society with the publication of The Communist Manifesto, one of the most widely read and influential texts of all time.