Wow in the World

Sunday, April 29
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45mins // featuring:Mindy Thomas

Part of the The Mega Awesome Super Huge Wicked Fun Podcast Playdate, presented by WBUR! The Wow in the World Pop-Up Party brings this insanely popular science-themed podcast out in the world.

Host Mindy Thomas weaves short interactive games and foley-infused comedy skits between science themed songs from The Pop Ups, two-time Grammy nominees and creators of the “Wow in the World” theme song. Think a hip, modern, funny Prairie Home Companion meets Whose Line is it Anyway? meets Bill Nye the Science Guy. This highly interactive show will engage curious kids and their grown-ups in science, wonder, imagination, and music and leave them all saying “WOW”!

Launched in May 2017, Wow in the World is a podcast for curious kids and their grown-ups that leads listeners on a journey away from their screens, inside their brain, out into space, and deep into the coolest new stories in science, technology, and innovation. Distributed by NPR, Wow in the World marks the first show for kids in the public broadcaster’s 47-year history and was one of the most downloaded Podcasts of 2017.

The Mega Awesome Super Huge Wicked Fun Podcast Playdate

​Whether your child wants to understand where dreams come from or why animals hibernate, visit the Space Station, follow the adventures of a young radio reporter, hear folk tales, or laugh at kids comedy sketches, we have it all with live performances from Circle Round, Brains On, But Why?, Eleanor Amplified, Story Pirates and Wow in the World.  Come meet the actors, musicians and producers who will be on stage and who can’t wait to meet their fans!

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