Sunn O)))

Thursday, March 16. Doors 9pm/Show 10pm
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2hr 00mins // featuring:Sunn O))) // Photos by Estelle Hanania 2015

Mammoth drone-doom act Sunn O))) returns to Boston!

Join the Coolidge in welcoming back these architects of sound as they deliver the largest seismic event in Boston history! Featuring Southern Lord Records' BIG|BRAVE! 

About Sunn O)))

The massive wave-pools Sunn O))) create are more akin to the precisely oscillating soundscapes of minimalist drone composer Tony Conrad than some flint-fingered pseudo-Sabbath acolytes.

Tapping into complex compositional practices without ditching metal's compelling visual aesthetic, the L.A./Paris duo excavates and expands the genre, remapping its coordinates with the lowest frequencies imaginable, in the process mutating its compositional scope: an insistent, visceral buzz transforms sludge drifts into chiropractic chords that strike like thunder cracks. Loud though rarely harsh, the sounds start low, intensifying incrementally until they've transformed the entire listening area into a dank chamber teeming with elegant sustain. Adding to the sensory overload of the Sunn O))) experience, the duo obscures themselves in clouds of thick fog, dressing in hooded robes, periodically thrusting guitars toward the sky.

-Brandon Stosuy


Montreal, Quebec, Canada and Southern Lord Recording artist, three-piece BIG|BRAVE plays sincere, long-form out-rock that ventures in to different directions — at times mournful and unsettling — their music plays out in to moon-bleached grunge where serene vocals crumble over scraping guitars bled of melody.

Ticket Prices

$30 for Coolidge members // $33 for non members // $35 day-of / all ages