Spring Breakers

Opens Friday, March 22
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1hr 34mins // directed by:Harmony Korine // featuring:Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, James Franco

Faith (Selena Gomez) doesn't have a lot of friends in college. Not having enough money to go away on spring break, she finds herself hanging out in the empty halls with Brit, Cotty, and Candy (Vanessa Hudgens) - BFFs. Their dream is to spring break in Florida with the sun kissing their skin, waves lapping their heels, and parties going all night.

Boredom quickly sets in and they seek relief in stealing a car and holding up a local fried chicken joint with a water pistol and sledgehammer. Scoring enough cash to get bus tickets, they are soon screaming along with thousands of other bikini-clad coeds on the beaches and in the motels of a nondescript Florida coast town. The neon highs of all-night parties come crashing down for the girls one morning as cops raid their motel room finding drugs and other paraphernalia.

Booked but quickly busted out of jail by local hood and rapper Alien (James Franco), they are able to continue their life of excess. But long after the masses of other coddled college kids go back to the safety of their schools, this foursome learns that the money, drugs, and guns of their new life all have a purpose in Alien's world as they find themselves in the midst of a turf war with Archie (Gucci Mane), Alien's childhood best friend turned rival.

The girls' wish of "Spring Break forever!" may come true a lot sooner than they expected.

The Boston Globe

Spring Breakers is mesmerizing! - Ty Burr

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The New York Times

In Spring Breakers (Mr. Korine) bores into a contested, deeply American topic — the pursuit of happiness taken to nihilistic extremes — but turns his exploration into such a gonzo, outrageously funny party that it takes a while to appreciate that this is more of a horror film than a comedy. - Manohla Dargis

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