Run Lola Run

Monday, November 11 - SOLD OUT!
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1hr 21mins // directed by:Tom Tykwer // featuring:Franka Potente // 35mm

Any way you look at it, writer/director Tom Tykwer’s critically acclaimed international hit is one wild ride.

Flame-haired Lola (the charismatic Franka Potente) receives a frantic phone call from her boyfriend, Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu), a local criminal’s errand boy who has just lost a bagful of cash belonging to his boss. If Lola can’t replace the money and get it to Manni in 20 minutes, he’s a dead man.

Flipping through the alternatives, Lola quickly settles on a plan: to convince her bank-manager father to give her the cash. Off she sprints, down the stairs and into the streets of Berlin, beginning a breathless race against the clock to save her lover. In a thrilling twist, Tykwer gives us three versions of Lola’s 20-minute run, each beginning the same way before small differences emerge that yield vastly different outcomes, not only for the main characters, but also for t