Rolling Thunder

Friday, September 22
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1hr 35mins // directed by:John Flynn // featuring:William Devane, Tomme Lee Jones // 35mm

A gang of sadistic thugs murder the wife and child of a Vietnam vet (William Devane), who, along with his war buddy (Tommy Lee Jones) and a woman, track down and kill the murderers.

William Devane plays a rare sympathetic role in Rolling Thunder, though his behavior is just as cold-blooded and sharkish as in any of his villainous assignments. Devane is cast as Maj. Charles Rane, a recently released Vietnam POW who is given a hero's welcome in his Texas hometown. Things sour pretty quickly, however: Rane's wife has lost all love for him, his son doesn't recognize him, and there are those in town who consider him a "loser" or "baby-killer." All he really has to show for his ordeal in Nam is a cache of silver coins bestowed on him by the more sympathetic townsfolk.

One of Quentin Tarantino's favorite films, now in a newly restored print!