Sunday, June 11
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2hr 03mins // directed by:Christian Schwochow // featuring:Carla Juri, Albrecht Schuch, Roxane Duran // in German with English subtitles

Worpswede, northern Germany, 1900. From the moment they meet, Paula Becker and Otto Modersohn sense a special connection. Their shared passion for painting grows into a great love. They marry, but the life they lead as a couple is far removed from the conventions of their time.

It’s a relationship rendered in rich colors and bold strokes, and which bears battle scars. In fact, it’s just like the art of this young woman who boldly seizes life and who will go down in art history as Paula Modersohn-Becker. Against all odds, she lives out her vision of artistic self-fulfillment and her romantic image of marriage and love.

Full of sensuality, with gentle humor and playful levity, Paula also tells the story of a mighty, passionate love.