Thursday, May 18
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1hr 44mins // directed by:Albert Brooks // featuring:Debbie Reynolds, Albert Brooks

Presented In memoriam of Debbie Reynolds.

In her first leading film role in more than 25 years, Debbie Reynolds gives what may be the performance of her career in Albert Brooks' biting comedy about a twice-divorced science-fiction writer (Brooks) who moves back in with his widowed mother (Reynolds) to get to the root of his problem with women. Experts at pressing each other's buttons, neither one realizes how much they have in common. Rob Morrow plays the "good" son.

Family Bonds

Every family member is unique, with his or her own history, personality, demons and needs. Likewise every family. This series of six films by world-class directors presents singular families who are at crossroads and whose fascinating dynamics are reflections of their times and cultures.   

Each screening is preceded by an illuminating introduction and followed by a lively discussion. Join in the exploration of the thematic and cinematic complexities of these exceptional works.

Long-time Coolidge Breakfast Film Club instructor Kaj Wilson was Artistic Director of The Boston Jewish Film Festival for over a decade and former film editor of The Improper Bostonian.