McCabe & Mrs. Miller

Monday, July 17
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2hr 00mins // directed by:Robert Altman // featuring:Warren Beatty, Julie Christie // 35mm

Robert Altman’s (MASH, Short Cuts) murky anti-western is a poetic undoing of the original American genre film, exquisitely reducing the wild west to a dull and muddy landscape without myth or heroes.

Gambler John McCabe (Warren Beatty) and prostitute Constance Miller (Julie Christie), new arrivals in the Pacific Northwestern town of Presbyterian Church, become business partners to open a saloon and brothel, but are quickly unsettled as a distant corporation attempts to buy out the town. With its hazy camera work from Vilmos Zsigmond, unorthodox use of overlapping dialogue, and Leonard Cohen’s haunting soundtrack, McCabe & Mrs. Miller is a uniquely beautiful exploration of the American dream in an illusory world.

A Tribute to Jay Carr

On behalf of the Coolidge Corner Theatre and the Boston Society of Film Critics, we dedicate this screening as a tribute to renowned film critic Jay Carr (1936-2014).

Jay wrote reviews for The New York Post and The Detroit News before joining The Boston Globe in 1983, where he was chief film critic until 2002. His legendary "Vintage Stock" column appeared every Friday in the Globe, just one example of his ardent advocacy of independent film and local theaters committed to preserving the history of cinema. We at the Coolidge are particularly grateful for his support, vital contribution, and legacy.

With a special introduction by Boston Society of Film Critics president Tom Meek.