Lean on Pete

Opens Friday, April 20
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2hr 02mins // directed by:Andrew Haigh // featuring:Charlie Plummer, Chloë Sevigny, Steve Buscemi // CC, Assisted Listening

From acclaimed filmmaker Andrew Haigh (45 Years, Weekend) comes a deeply moving story told through the unique prism of one boy’s connection to a very special racehorse.

15-year-old Charley (Charlie Plummer) arrives in Portland, Oregon, with his single father Ray (Travis Fimmel), both eager for a fresh start after a series of hard knocks. While Ray descends into personal turmoil, Charley finds camaraderie at a local racetrack where he lands a job caring for an aging quarter horse named Lean On Pete. The horse’s gruff owner Del (Steve Buscemi) and his seasoned jockey Bonnie (Chloë Sevigny) help Charley fill the void of his father’s absence — until he discovers that Pete is bound for slaughter, prompting him to take extreme measures to spare his new friend’s life.

Charley and Pete head out into the great unknown, embarking on an odyssey across the new American frontier in search of a loving aunt Charley hasn’t seen in years. They experience adventure and heartbreak in equal measure, but never lose their irrepressible hope and resiliency as they pursue their dream of finding a place they can call home.

"Lean on Pete is a small gem that covers a vast amount of territory. It’s a quiet beauty in every respect, the kind of movie where you can hear the floorboards creak, the kind of movie where even the most shocking moments (and there are a few) are delivered with a certain flatness. Every thing that happens is just another thing that happens. There’s an emotional catharsis waiting at the end of the road, but you might not even feel it until after you leave the theater." — David Ehrlich, IndieWire