Hummus: The Movie

Tuesday, May 16
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1hr 10mins

It unites, it divides, it’s delicious.

This deliciously smart and funny film takes us around Israel and Lebanon.

From Suheila, a single Muslim woman known for her legendary hummus and her obsessively clean shop, to Jalil, a Christian Arab hipster in Ramle who runs his father’s hummus joint, to Eliyahu, a born-again Orthodox Jew who runs a hummus restaurant next to a gas station, the film revels in the joys of hummus and the way it can bring people together. But Hummus! The Movie doesn't shy away from chickpea conflict, taking on the "hummus wars" between Lebanon and Israel and the intense competition between hummus joints in Abu Ghosh. It even features a hummus-themed reggae soundtrack. Yum! 

Screening as part of the National Center for Jewish Film’s 20th annual film festival.