Hedwig & the Angry Inch

Monday, June 16
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1hr 35mins // directed by:John Cameron Mitchell // featuring:John Cameron Mitchell, Michael Pitt // 35mm

Little East German boy, Hansel, spent his young life secretly listening to American rock & roll and dressing up in his mother's dresses, heels, wigs and lipstick.

He was destined for great things, not being stuck in an East German Soviet Block apartment. When a U.S. G.I. catches his eye and offers to help him get a sex-change operation and move to America, Hansel jumps at the chance to finally escape into his dreams.

The sex-change operation gets botched, however, and while Hansel has become Hedwig, she now has a one-inch mound of flesh where her penis used to be and her vagina never was. Her G.I. sugardaddy leaves her, but no obstacle will stop her flight to the U.S. to become a world-renowned rock goddess... except success.

John Cameron Mitchell, star and author of this off-off-Broadway musical that has turned into a cult sensation, wrote, directed, and starred in the film version which is now screened worldwide to almost-Rocky Horror Picture Show public enthusiasm. Mitchell won Best Director and the film, the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for countless others including the Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Awards.