Francophonie Film Festival presents: A Night of Shorts

Thursday, March 29
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1hr 42mins // directed by:Sacha Feiner, Benoit Martin, Faustine Cros, Marie-Hélène Viens, Philippe Lupien, Josza Anjembe, Thibaut Gobry

Presented by the Rhode Island Film Festival.

Last Door South | dir. Sacha Feiner | 15 min. | Belgium, 2015

“The world is made of floors. Floors are connected by stairs and made of rooms. Rooms are connected by corridors. And all the floors form the World...”

Such is the theory developed by Toto, the siamese head of a child whose mother has locked him away in a family manor, where he has been walled-in since his birth. Between endless corridor exploration, private schooling and fatherly Mausoleum visits, the brothers never questioned the limits of their world. Until one day, when, obsessed by a strange light, seen by accident, they decide to find its end.

​The Geneva Convention | dir. Benoit Martin | 15 min. | France, 2016

As Hakim is waiting for the bus after class, he is caught in a vendetta between teenagers. He is not exactly keen to get into a fight, but how can he possibly avoid an awaited confrontation?

​La Détesteuse | dir. Faustine Cros | 11 min. | Belgium, 2015

Often I think I remember my childhood, but I realize it was a story I've been told, a picture, a family movie.

I begin to doubt.

How to be sure if it really took place, when the memory hasn't left a trace, a picture, a family movie.

Bernard Le Grand | dirs. Marie-Hélène Viens, Philippe Lupien | 10 min. | Quebec, 2013

It's Bernard's birthday. Soon, he will be 10 years old. But he is not happy about it. So, to solve his problem, he makes himself an anti-growing suit. The day he turns 10 will be a tough day where he will confront teachers, friends but especially his weird mother.

French | dir. Josza Anjembe | 21 min. | France, 2017

Seyna is a 17 old girl, born in France, with Cameroonian parents. On her 17th birthday, she asks her father for what he's promised: the possibility to get naturalized. But he refuses.

La Part Céleste | dir. Thibaut Gobry | 30 min. | France, 2012

Marcel Proust is confined by illness to his room. Celeste, his governess, takes care of him, writes at his dictation, glues the manuscripts, sews his book like a dress. Doctors want to heal him, friends want to see him, everyone wants to read his work. But he just wants to complete his work before death takes him away.