Francophone Film Series presents: Longwave (Les Grandes Ondes)

Thursday, March 13
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1hr 15mins // directed by:Lionel Baier

It is April 1974 and Julie Dujonc-Renens, young feminist journalist and the cunning Joseph-Marie Cauvin, leading reporter for the Swiss radio, have been sent to Portugal to investigate Switzerland’s aid to poor countries.

Sparks fly during the bus trip with Bob, sound engineer approaching retirement. The projects financed by Switzerland prove to be calamitous and the workers’ revolution that suddenly breaks out doesn’t help, obliging our heroes to disregard first the radio’s management, and then their own codes of conduct.

Screens with The Night of the Bear (La nuit de l’ours) by Samuel Guillaume, Frédéric Guillaume (Switzerland, 2012 – 22 min.)

In a city of disconcerting nature, homeless animals are looking for shelter for the night. They take refuge in the Bear’s house, creating an ephemeral community that will dissolve with the first rays of sun. A tale of exclusion as recounted by crossed destinies out of sync.