A Fortunate Man

Friday, May 10
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2hr 42mins // directed by:Bille August // featuring:Esben Smed, Benjamin Kitter, Julie Christiansen // DCP // in Danish & German with English subtitles

Part of The National Center for Jewish Film's Annual Film Festival.

This epic drama from Academy Award–winning director Bille August (Pelle the Conqueror) is gorgeously realized with dazzling cinematography, exceptional performances, sumptuous costume design, and period detail. In the 1880s, a gifted but self-destructive young man leaves his suffocating Lutheran upbringing in the country for metropolitan Copenhagen. An engineer with progressive ideas, he is welcomed by a wealthy Jewish family and ingratiates himself into their opulent milieu, embarking on a journey of personal and professional ambition that teeters on the razor’s edge between triumph and catastrophe. Told with a dramatic, romantic sweep on par with the great classics of cinema, A Fortunate Man is not to be missed. Adapted from Denmark’s canonical novel, Lykke-Per by Danish Nobel Prize–winning author Henrik Pontoppidan.

“August’s ensemble cast is splendid. The production is panoramic and glorious, filmed in Copenhagen, Jutland, Lolland, Funer, and parts of Austria. View it on the largest screen you can find.” — The Independent