Carmen (Flamenco)

Sunday, March 30
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1hr 38mins


The theatre version of Carmen was conceived roughly at the same time as the shooting of Carlos Saura’s film. The film’s success, which took even Gades and Saura by surprise, encouraged Antonio Gades to produce a version for the theatre that turned out to be another masterpiece in the line of Blood Wedding and Flamenco Suite. The premiere in Paris in 1983 was a considerable popular and critical success, revealing Antonio Gades to be not only one of the most important dancers in the world but also one of the greatest choreographers.

Antonio Gades’ reasons for creating this work can be summed up in the ideas that he explained in a press conferences. In his view “Carmen is neither a frivolous woman nor a man-eater. She’s just an honest woman who when she loves says she loves and whe