Opens Friday, August 15
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1hr 40mins // directed by:John Michael McDonagh // featuring:Brendan Gleeson, Chris O'Dowd, Kelly Reilly

Written and directed by John Michael McDonagh, Calvary’s Priest (Brendan Gleeson) is the flipside to The Guard’s Sergeant Gerry Boyle.

Father James (Brendan Gleeson) is a good priest who is faced with sinister and troubling circumstances brought about by a mysterious member of his parish. Although he continues to comfort his own fragile daughter (Kelly Reilly) and reach out to help members of his church with their various scurrilous moral - and often comic - problems, he feels sinister and troubling forces closing in, and begins to wonder if he will have the courage to face his own personal Calvary. 



"Brendan Gleeson Gets Biblical" - Dana Stevens 

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The Wall Street Journal 

"It's a film of modest means and great ambition, a darkly comic drama concerned with nothing less than the place of faith, and an embattled Church, in modern life." - Joe Morgenstern

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