Brad's Status

Opens Friday, September 22
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1hr 41mins // directed by:Mike White // featuring:Ben Stiller, Austin Abrams, Jenna Fischer, Jemaine Clement, Luke Wilson // CC, AD, Assisted Listening

The new film from writer/director Mike White (Beatriz at Dinner, School of Rock) starring Ben Stiller. Brad Sloan (Stiller) has a satisfying career and a comfortable life in suburban California, but it's not quite what he imagined during his glory days in college.

Brad keeps comparing his life with those of his four college friends, wondering what it would be like to have their well-paying and glamorous jobs. When circumstances force him to reconnect with his buddies, Brad soon begins to question whether he has failed, or is in some ways the most successful of them all.

A "Brad’s Status is only the second film that White has directed and it feels like a breakthrough of sorts. A hysterical comedy with such embarrassingly accurate insights and rich emotional depth that it stings deeper than most dramas. It’s the sort of thing that Woody Allen used to do rather well before descending into monotonous repetition, suggesting the Mike White might have it in him to take the Woodster’s mantle if he so pleases. He’s even quite an amusing and potent screen presence as an actor. So, it’s a reasonable comparison." — Phil Brown, Collider


"Brad’s self-centered, whiny and over-indulgent voice-over narration quickly contradicts this first impression. When he starts envying his own son’s imagined future success, you, along with other characters in the film, wonder about his mental health. In “Brad’s Status,” Stiller becomes the face of white male privilege — and its comeuppance." — Peter Keough, The Boston Globe