Best F(r)iends

Friday, April 20
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1hr 39mins // directed by:Justin MacGregor // featuring:Greg Sestero, Tommy Wiseau

Join us for a special screening with star and The Disaster Artist author Greg Sestero in person! 

Best F(r)iends is a new feature film from the New York Times Bestselling author of The Disaster Artist, and starring the creator of The Room.

Finally, the dynamic duo that is Greg Sestero & Tommy Wiseau reunites for a dream project that will send fans of cult favorite The Room into paroxysms of unabated joy. 

Sestero plays a drifter who arrives in L.A. physically unharmed but mentally bruised and winds up begging on the mean Angeleno streets. He is resigned to a hand-to-mouth existence until he crosses paths with a peculiar mortician (Wiseau), and an evening of work turns into a regular gig for the drifter. The two find themselves engaged in an unusual yet increasingly lucrative underground enterprise, but as the money rolls in, jealousy, anger and greed start to poison their initially warm, if odd, partnership. Will these best f(r)iends survive the turning tide?