Sunday, April 13
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1hr 57mins // directed by:Christian Alvart

Gisela Werler is 30, single, works in a wallpaper factory, and lives with her parents in modest circumstances. A middle-class life, no different than that of countless other young women in West Germany in the 1960s. But she has a dream: Capri. And it finally seems within reach when she meets the charming Hermann, cab driver and bank robber. She falls for him, quick and hard.

Hermann begs him to take her with him on his bank heists – and proves to be a gifted, if not quite cold-blooded, robber of her own. It’s the beginning of a notorious new duo, the Bonnie and Clyde of suburban Hamburg. Based on the true story of Germany’s first woman bank robber, Banklady relates the sudden transformation of a shy wallflower into a notorious bank robber in the 1960s. Perfectly blending an authentic cops-and-robbers drama and love story, Banklady features a fascinating character who attempts to break out of the narrow, gray world of 1960s Germany and becomes a symbol both of social provocation and of the changing view of the sexes.

Director Christian Alvart (multiple award-winning Antibodies, 2005), proclaimed the “New Face of German Cinema 2005” at the AFI fest in Los Angeles, narrates this shoot-‘em-up story as a perfect blend of authentic cops-and-robbers drama and love story.