Artbarn: The Adventures of Captain Starblaster

Sunday, June 3
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1hr 00mins

Join the Traveling Geese Touring Company of Artbarn Community Theatre as they blast off to outer space and present this action-packed, sci-fi spoof that packs a hilarious punch! 

Ten thousand years in the future, the galaxy stands in peril.  Hostile aliens, sinister thugs, and strange forces seem to lurk at every turn.  But one man stands between the galaxy and those who would do it harm.  That man is...  Captain Starblaster, defender of the galaxy!  Will Captain Starblaster and his trusty sidekick (and his trusty sidekick’s trusty sidekick and his fearless crew) manage to thwart the evil plans of Colonel Chaos, Colonel Commotion, and their goons?  Will the mysterious aliens of Glaxon III eat the humans before they have a chance to escape? Will the Orb of Power be rescued and the galaxy saved?