Seminar: Jaws

Monday, September 3
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Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is a landmark in cinema history for more reasons than one.

Often credited as being the first blockbuster movie—inspiring a similar release protocol for the first Star Wars film and many films after that—Jaws built a publicity campaign whose potent strategy continues to impact the film industry to the present day. Based on a best-selling book by Peter Benchley, the triumph of the film hinges on great performances and the burgeoning promise of its director, for whom this was just his second commercial feature in what would become an illustrious career. But the success of Jaws also derives from its ability to touch a nerve deep within the spectator. Tapping into its deep-seated, primal anxieties, the film kept a whole generation out of the water even on the hottest summer days. Join Sarah Keller, Director of Cinema Studies at UMass Boston, for this one-night seminar on Spielberg’s iconic classic.



About the Speaker

Sarah Keller is Associate Professor of Art and Director of Cinema Studies at University of Massachusetts-Boston. She co-edited Jean Epstein: Critical Essays and New Translations (Amsterdam University Press, 2012), and her book Maya Deren: Incomplete Control examines the role of unfinished work through Maya Deren oeuvre (Columbia University Press, 2014). She is currently at work on a book about anxiety and the history of cinephilia.

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