The Coolidge After Midnite Honors Adrienne Barbeau

Saturday, December 2
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The Coolidge Corner Theatre is proud to honor actor Adrienne Barbeau by presenting her with our second Coolidge After Midnite Award, recognizing her outstanding work in some of the greatest genre films ever made!

Adrienne has provided a few of the most iconic performances in the history of horror, action, and science fiction, working with such legendary filmmakers as John Carpenter, Wes Craven, and George A. Romero. While her films feature ghosts, grotesque creatures, and ghouls from beyond the grave, it’s Adrienne’s humanity that leaves a lasting impression and continues to speak to new audiences decades later. 

She joins us in-person on December 2 for a 35mm screening of The Fog before receiving the Coolidge After Midnite Award! 

Retrospective Screenings

Friday, November 17 - Swamp Thing and The Return of Swamp Thing 

Saturday, November 18 - Creepshow 

Friday, November 24 - Two Evil Eyes 

Friday, December 1 - at the Museum of Fine Arts, co-presented by The Coolidge - Escape from New York 

About Adrienne Barbeau

Adrienne began her career in 1963 with the San Jose Civic Light Opera. After graduating high school, she traveled with a musical comedy revue, entertaining our servicemen on Army bases throughout Southeast Asia. In 1965, she moved to New York where she made her Broadway debut as Tevye’s second daughter, Hodel, in Fiddler on the Roof. A Tony nomination and a Theatre World Award for her creation of Rizzo in the original Broadway production of Grease led her back to California and the role of Bea Arthur’s daughter, Carol, in the hit series Maude.

Since then she has become a best selling author, a recording artist, and the star of numerous features, films for television, concert performances, musicals and plays.

Movie fans know her best for her performances in The Fog, Escape From New York, Creepshow, Swamp Thing, Back to School, and Cannonball Run. Her recent films include the Academy Award winning ARGO, Tales of Halloween, Divine Access, and the upcoming films Death House, The Chain, Apple Seed, The Eagle and the Albatross, and Flyzone.

Adrienne has a Golden Globe nomination and over 450 screen performances to her credit. She starred as Ruthie, the Snake Dancer, on HBO’s fascinating series, Carnivale. She was Oswald’s mom on Drew Carey, Victoria Grayson’s mom on Revenge, and Suzanne Stanwyck on General Hospital. Her recent appearances include Criminal Minds, Sons of Anarchy, and the upcoming Hulu series Dimension404.

Having starred in over 25 theatrical productions in the U.S. and Canada, Adrienne spent most of 2015 playing Berthe, Pippin’s grandmother, in the National Tour of Pippin, singing “No Time At All” as she hung upside down from a trapeze.

Off camera, Adrienne is the voice of Catwoman in Batman, The Animated Series, Ms. Simone in Scooby-Do on Zombie Island, and Scooter’s Mom in the 3-D animated film Fly Me To The Moon. She can be heard in a myriad of video games: God of War and Halo 4 among them.

Adrienne is the author of four books: the best-selling memoir There Are Worse Things I Could Do; the comedic thriller Vampyres of Hollywood and its comedy romance sequels Love Bites and Make Me Dead. The screenplay of Love Bites, which she co-wrote with producer Harrison Smith, should be coming to the big screen in 2018.