In a World...

Thursday, October 3
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1hr 33mins // directed by:Lake Bell // featuring:Lake Bell, Geena Davis, Demetri Martin, Ken Marino, Nick Offerman

The legacy of voice-over king Don LaFontaine looms large over the entertainment and advertising industries. He narrated over 5,000 film trailers and 35,000 commercials, often citing the iconic phrase that serves as the title of this film. Following his passing in 2008, the absence of his distinct articulation was evident.

Against the backdrop of this loss, writer/director/actor Lake Bell (Childrens Hospital) builds the story of Carol Solomon (Bell), an aspiring voice actor and vocal coach specializing in accents, who is also the daughter of renowned voiceover artist Sam Sotto (Fred Melamed)—thought by many to be the heir apparent to LaFontaine’s legacy. Carol resides with her father until Sam, who is dating a substantially younger woman, decides it is time for his 31-year-old daughter to move out. Carol moves in with her sister Dani (Michaela Watkins) and brother-in-law Moe (Rob Corddry) as she seeks to support herself with work in her field.

With the help of Louis (Demetri Martin), a kind and unassuming audio engineer who is quietly keen on her, Carol begins landing voice-over gigs. She becomes so in demand that she begins to win roles sought after by both her father and Gustav Warner (Ken Marino), another rising star in the business. These three players finally find themselves vying for the ultimate role: narrating the trailer for the new quadrilogy, The Amazon Games—the first trailer to invoke the words “In a world...” since LaFontaine’s death.

This winning comedy delivers heart. Deftly directed by Bell, the performances are naturalistic and endearing. Tonally adroit, the film is both deferent to the trade and engaging for those unfamiliar with the voice-over industry. Bell expresses a fresh, original voice in this delightful comedy, destined to be a crowd-pleaser.

- Nancy Campbell