The Weekend (Das Wochende)

Sunday, January 13
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1hr 33mins // directed by:Nina Grosse

After being released from prison, former RAF terrorist Jens Kessler spends his first weekend in freedom with friends from the past; among them are his former lover Inga and her husband. As the tension mounts, it takes only one spark to trigger an eruption of hostility.

No one was really prepared for the early release of former Red Army Faction terrorist Jens Kessler. During his 18 years in prison, his family, friends and ex-comrades had forged ahead with their lives, each coping in their own way with the misguided idealism of their youth; each projecting their own fantasies of heroism or failure onto Jens. But now Jens is free. And for Inga, his great love and mother of his son, the past and present slam into each other during Jens’ first weekend in freedom. Not only Inga is tormented by conflicting emotions and unsolved issues; Inga’s husband, Jens’ sister and a former RAF comrade are also unsettled by the proud and inscrutable Jens. Why are they really spending the weekend in this secluded country house? Is it to finally make peace with the past?

Based on the novel “Das Wochenende” by Bernhard Schlink.