Upstream Color

Opens Friday, April 19
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1hr 36mins // directed by:Shane Carruth // featuring:Amy Seimitz, Shane Carruth

The second feature from director/star Shane Carruth (Primer), Upstream Color has already been hailed as one of the best films of 2013 after appearing at just a handful of festivals.

This intricate, romantic thriller follows two victims of a mysterious man who administers a concoction that uses a rare and special parasitic worm. He abducts Kris (Amy Seimitz) and submits her to a bizarre brainwashing regimen that includes passages from Thoreau’s Walden. Some time later she is released and realized that her whole word has fallen apart. After reconstructing her life she meets Jeff (Carruth) who may have actually gone through the same brainwashing regimen. They begin spending time together and as their relationship develops, their memories from their abduction begin to surface. As the layers of the film’s narrative are pulled back, a strange and complex conspiracy is revealed that has permanently affected dozens of victims.

Structured with a similar complexity that Carruth utilized in Primer, Upstream Color is a stunning, emotional, surreal, and gorgeous film that will keep everyone thinking about the it long after it ends.