Twenty Feet From Stardom

Opens Friday, June 28
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1hr 29mins // directed by:Morgan Neville

You may be unfamiliar with names like Merry Clayton, Lisa Fischer, Claudia Lennear, and Judith Hill, but you would likely recognize their voices.

In this eminently hummable documentary, filmmaker Morgan Neville (Respect Yourself: The Staxx Record Story) showcases the invaluable contribution of backup singers to popular music.

The documentary explores the history of music for the last five decades by presenting the stories of a handful of background singers that spanned those eras. Many of those profiled are female vocalists who began singing in church, where the choir’s collective sound and harmony are of the utmost importance. The concord of voices is the central goal, meant to elevate the music to a spiritual plane. These singers helped impart this sensibility to popula