The Tobolowsky Files

Monday, February 27
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1hr 30mins // featuring:Stephen Tobolowsky, David Chen

A special fundraising event for the Independent Film Festival Boston.

Join us for a live presentation of the popular radio show and podcast, The Tobolowsky Files, featuring the stories of Stephen Tobolowsky and host David Chen of

Stephen Tobolowsky is definitely one of “those guys” in movies and TV. He has been featured in (mostly) small roles in over 200 films and TV shows. Currently you probably know him best as the creepy Sandy Ryerson on Glee or, depending on your maturity, as gonzo Hollywood producer Stu Baggs on Californication. You also probably know him from one of his most iconic roles – jovial insurance salesman Ned Ryerson from Groundhog Day. A few of you may recognize him from his dramatic roles in Mississippi Burning or Memento. And a small number of you may know him as the co-writer with David Byrne of the Talking Head’s film True Stories. Whatever role he takes, and whatever size it is, you can be sure that Tobolowsky will steal just about every scen