Superegos (Über - Ich und Du)

Sunday, December 14
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1hr 34mins // directed by:Benjamin Heisenberg

Nick Gutlicht, a street-smart criminal who makes a living in the illegal trade of valuable books, is in debt and has to go underground.

Chance brings him to the elegant house of well-known but now elderly psychotherapist Curt Ledig, who, in spite of his dementia and a pathological aversion to kitchens, is unwilling to move in with his daughter. Nick is hired by the family to look after the old man. Nick sees Curt as a meal ticket – the old man’s phenomenal library offers a unique opportunity to consolidate his finances - while Curt embraces his anarchic new friend as a suitable case for treatment.

Their comic chemistry develops when Nick begins to mirror Curt's neuroses, while the old man feels his crumbling mental faculties revitalized by having such a psychologically complex case to study.

After his psychological thriller Der Räuber (The Robber), Superegos is Benjamin Heisenberg’s first comedy, an idiosyncratic buddy movie which wittily balances slapstick and irony.