SIFF (Seattle, WA): Earthquake

National Evening of Science on Screen
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2hr 03mins // directed by:Mark Robson // featuring:Charlton Heston, George Kennedy, Ava Gardner

SIFF (Seattle, WA) will present a screening of Earthquake, introduced by seismologist John Vidale. Please click here for event details.

One of the biggest of the disaster films of the 1970s, 1974’s Earthquake features an all-star cast led by Charlton Heston as a construction engineer who must restore order after a catastrophic earthquake hits Los Angeles. Washington State seismologist and University of Washington Professor John Vidale speaks before the film on different kinds of earthquakes that affect the Pacific Northwest, quake early-warning signs, and preparing for when "the big one" hits Seattle. Q&A follows the screening.

About the Film

Earthquake originally came to the big screen with great fanfare. With a first draft script from The Godfather writer Mario Puzo, the film went head-to-head with the year's other big disaster hit, The Towering Inferno. Released in