Savage Streets with Linnea Quigley In-Person!

Fri, April 6
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1hr 33mins // directed by:Danny Steinmann // featuring:Linnea Quigley, Linda Blair

Mark your calendars. Call your mothers. Boston's miscreants of metallic mayhem Sexcrement along with Chainsaw Kiss Productions present an evening of impulse, indulge, & heavy rock 'n' roll in the Coolidge Corner Theatre! Hosted by scream queen Linnea Quigley, the event will include live performances, burlesque dancing and other assorted mayhem.

To top it all off Sexcrement's Trucker Bombed music video will make its grand premiere, directed by Victor Bonacore and with Ms. Quigley in the starring role. Also premiering is Johnnie Lee Jordan's new music video Robotripping Though the Gates of Hell! And a twisted animated short from ScreamerClauz! The night will be capped with very special and super rare big screen showing of the Linnea classic, Savage Streets on 35mm!

About Savage Streets

During a night out cruising around Hollywood Boulevard, tough-talking high schooler Brenda (Linda Blair) and her gang of sassy girlfriends, The Satins, cross paths with a bunch of local low life thugs calling themselves The Scars. When their advances on the girls are spurned in no uncertain terms and their prized convertible ends up dumped full of garbage, The Scars suffer a severe blow to their combined ego that demands a response.

Their barbaric retaliation takes the form of a violent sexual assault on Brenda’s deaf-mute little sister, Heather (Linnea Quigley), that leaves the young girl fighting for her life. Determined to avenge her sister, Brenda tools up with an unlikely assortment of deadly weapons and takes to the streets in search of those responsible and for whom she is unwilling to show any mercy.

About Sexcrement

Since 2005, Sexcrement has been pummeling eardrums with their unique brand of extreme metal. Soaked in all things perverse and taboo, the band commands your head to bang furiously with alarming urgency.  Like the bastard child of Pantera and Cannibal Corpse, these Massachusetts natives pack monolithic riffs and rocking grooves into each and every (trojan) magnum opus. With a full length CD, EP & countless shows with the underground's finest under their belt, these depraved bottom feeders deliver the goods on top of the goods. The group is currently putting the finishing touches on their second full serving of disgusting debauchery fittingly titled Sloppy Seconds

About Chainsaw Kiss Productions

Chainsaw Kiss is an underground DIY cult film collective, living somewhere in the punk, weed, horror and exploitation culture. Responsible for the controversial short film "Ice Cream Sunday", the music videos of Johnnie Lee Jordan, Sexcrement's "Trucker Bombed," the 16mm feature film 'Blood Wings: A Satanic Fantasy" and the feature length documentary on outlaw filmmaker Jim Vanbebber.