Run Lola Run

Monday, November 11 - SOLD OUT!
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1hr 21mins // directed by:Tom Tykwer // featuring:Franka Potente // 35mm

Any way you look at it, writer/director Tom Tykwer’s critically acclaimed international hit is one wild ride.

Flame-haired Lola (the charismatic Franka Potente) receives a frantic phone call from her boyfriend, Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu), a local criminal’s errand boy who has just lost a bagful of cash belonging to his boss. If Lola can’t replace the money and get it to Manni in 20 minutes, he’s a dead man.

Flipping through the alternatives, Lola quickly settles on a plan: to convince her bank-manager father to give her the cash. Off she sprints, down the stairs and into the streets of Berlin, beginning a breathless race against the clock to save her lover. In a thrilling twist, Tykwer gives us three versions of Lola’s 20-minute run, each beginning the same way before small differences emerge that yield vastly different outcomes, not only for the main characters, but also for the people who cross Lola’s path. We see how the future can be written and rewritten by any number of minor events, chance encounters, and split-second decisions. Along the way, Tykwer pulls out all cinematic stops, fusing 35mm and video, color and black and white, fast motion and slow motion, split screen, jump cuts, animation and more – the whole delirious mix set to a pulsating techno score that matches the explosive energy of the visuals.

Run Lola Run playfully borrows from the butterfly effect - the idea that tiny events can have large, widespread consequences. In scientific terms, the butterfly effect is the extreme sensiti