The Room

Friday, August 24
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1hr 30mins // directed by:Tommy Wiseau // featuring:Tommy Wiseau

A special screening performed with a live shadow cast from the RKO Army!

Midnite crowds have flocked to attend this show due to its "so amazingly bad it's [spooning] great" charms. In recent years, some of Hollywood's most talented have counted themselves being in the cult of The Room. Paul Rudd, David Cross and Jonah Hill catch the film whenever they can.

The Room's director, producer and leading man is the mysterious Tommy Wiseau. In the film, Tommy portrays "Johnny", a man who becomes involved in a love triangle when the woman he loves begins sleeping with another man. Johnny is also the mentor of a drug dealing man child, a dog aficionado and possesses an alarmingly unnerving giggle.

Kept as an L.A. secret for half of a decade, The Room has now found its way to the east coast and we here at the Coolidge are bewildered to still be presenting it in all its... uh... publishable words escape us.

About RKO Army

RKO Army has a long (and sometimes confusing) lineage that traces all the way back to 1978. In its current incarnation, the RKO Army (formerly RKO Players) merged with the Absolute Pleasure Players in 1997 and we've sailed on ever since. 

We've seen many host theatres come and go, including the now-defunct Meadowbrook Cinema in Warwick, RI and theatres in Attleboro, Ma and Cranston & Providence, RI. In the winter of 2004, we began performing at the Island Cinemas in Middletown, RI, and the run became so successful, that another theatre in the chain decided to pick it up as well, which lead to the start of performing monthly at the East Bridgewater Cinemas 6 in East Bridgewater, Ma. Continuing the success, the chain picked up a third monthly show was added in September of 2007 at the Entertainment Cinemas in South Kingstown, RI. Finally, we began performing monthly at the Foxboro Orpheum Theatre in May of 2008. 

In addition to our regular theatre runs, RKO Army also does guest performances. We have developed a 20-minute audio-only Floor Show and have performed at places like Club Hell, Club Gallery, and Decadence.