Red State

Sunday, September 25
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1hr 28mins // directed by:Kevin Smith // featuring:Michael Parks, Melissa Leo, and John Goodman

Red State unfolds in a small town dominated by a fundamentalist preacher, Abin Cooper. It tells the story of three high school boys who, on their way to an internet arranged meeting with a woman, end up crossing paths with Cooper. The encounter sets into motion a series of events that causes all hell to break loose. 

This January at the Sundance Film Festival enfant terrible Kevin Smith premiered Red State, his controversial foray into the horror genre, then proceeded to denounce traditional film distribution, proclaiming he’d be releasing the film himself, and in a bold, new way. A 15-city tour followed, with Smith on hand for one-night, premium-priced and sold-out houses. Meanwhile, Smith’s rabid fanbase and average movie-goers alike were left to wonder if they’d ever get see the film on the big-screen themselves. That wait is over… for cities with an Emerging Cinema.

On Sunday, September 25th, Emerging Cinemas will present Red State for one show only. The big seller: that screening will include a Q&A with Kevin Smith himself via live webcast, taking questions from audiences via Twitter. Smith will join participating theatres live from the stage of the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles for an epic 90-minute post-screening Q&A that will be capped off with a mini-episode of Smith’s podcast Hollywood Babble-On.