Promised Land

Opens Friday, January 4
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1hr 45mins // directed by:Gus Van Sant // featuring:Matt Damon, John Krasinski

Promised Land is the timely new drama directed by Gus Van Sant (Milk, My Own Private Idaho), written by Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting) and John Krasinski (TV's The Office) based on a story by Dave Eggers (Where the Wild Things Are).

Matt Damon plays Steve Butler, an ace corporate Natural Gas salesman who is sent along with his partner, Sue Thomason (Frances McDormand), to close a key rural town in his company’s expansion plans. With the town having been hit hard by the economic decline of recent years, the two outsiders see the local citizens as an easy sell; highly likely to accept their company’s offer of drilling rights to their properties as much-needed financial relie