Our Hospitality

Monday, May 6
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1hr 15mins // directed by:John G. Blystone, Buster Keaton // featuring:Buster Keaton

Like his 1926 film The General, Buster Keaton's 1923 historical comedy, Our Hospitality, broadened the boundaries of slapstick and proved that Keaton was not just a comedian, he was an artist.

Keaton stars as youthful dreamer Willie McKay, who travels westward on a rickety locomotive to claim his birthright, only to find that his inheritance is a shack. And he learns that the object of his affection (Keaton’s real-life wife, Natalie Talmadge) is the daughter of a man with whom his family has been engaged in a long, violent feud. McKay’s personal struggles are punctuated by brilliant slapstick setpieces that involve an exploding dam, raging waterfalls, and a primitive steam engine. Keaton supervised the design and construction of the train.

The Coolidge is pleased to welcome back the Berklee Silent Film Orchestra. Under the direction of professor and industry professional Sheldon Mirowitz, and with the participation of the Berklee Film Scoring Department, headed by George Clinton, the BSFO students have composed and will perform a brand new score for this immortal, classic comedy.