One Cut, One Life

Opens Friday, May 15
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1hr 47mins // directed by:Ed Pincus, Lucia Small

When seminal documentarian Ed Pincus, considered the father of first person non-fiction film, is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he and collaborator Lucia Small team up to make one last film, much to the chagrin of Jane, Ed’s wife of 50 years.

Told from two filmmakers’ points of view, One Cut, One Life challenges the form of first person documentary. Ed and Lucia’s unique approach to filming offers a vulnerability and intimacy rarely seen in non- fiction, questioning whether some things might be too private to be made public. The film is an intense, raw, and sometimes humorous exploration of the human condition which invites the viewer to contemplate for themselves what is important, not only at the end of life, but also during.

Discussions and Filmmaker in-person events

Q&A with Filmmaker:
a discussion with filmmaker Lucia Small
Featuring Erin Trahan
Saturday, May 16 following the 7:00pm screening

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Ed Pincus:
a discussion on pushing boundaries — up close and personal
Featuring Steven Ascher, Michal Goldman, and Robb Moss
Sunday, May 17 following 2:00pm screening

The Reality of Being Mortal:
a discussion on end of life, quality of life –navigating options
Featuring Peter Davis, Goldie Eder, and Dr. Robert Soiffer
Wednesday, May 20 following 7:00pm screening

The Boston Globe

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