Oh Boy

Sunday, June 23
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1hr 25mins // directed by:Jan Ole Gerster

Niko is in his late twenties, lives in Berlin, and dropped out of law school two years ago. Since then, he idly drifts through life.

His wealthy father, not being aware that his son is a dropout, still sends money every month – until now. When the ATM swallows his debit card, Niko realizes that his account is empty. But this just marks the start of day which won't turn out well for him at all. He has a series of both absurd and sobering encounters with neighbors, friends, an old classmate and, of course, his father. In the course of events, Niko learns that he has to get a new perspective on life.

With a subtle nod to Woody Allen and the films of the French New Wave, the movie builds a subdued mood with the support of an interesting character whose behavior, although he does nothing wrong, occasionally goes against him. Even though they appear only briefly, the supporting characters are also memorable: they reveal quite a bit about themselves and, mainly, they manage to influence the main character. Despite being set in contemporary Berlin, the style of the film and its music stand in opposition to the spontaneity of the modern metropolis as the director draws the viewer’s attention to an introverted hero who walks the streets without ever taking his eyes off the sidewalk.