My So-Called Enemy

Monday, July 25
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1hr 29mins // directed by:Lisa Gossels

The Roxbury International Film Festival with the Boston Jewish Film Festival present a special screening of this moving, award-winning (CINE Golden Eagle and five film fest accolades) heart-felt documentary.

In July 2002, 22 Palestinian, Israeli and Palestinian Israeli teenage girls traveled to the United States to participate in a women's leadership program called Building Bridges for PeaceMy So-Called Enemy is the story of 6 of the girls and how the transformative experience of knowing their "enemies" as human beings meets with the realities of their lives at home in the Middle East over the next 7 years.

Through the coming-of-age narratives of Building Bridges participants Adi, Gal, Hanin, Inas, Rawan and Rezan, we see how creating relationships across personal, political and physical borders is a first step towards resolving conflict. By watching My So-Called Enemy communities will see the complexities of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through a human lens--and the possibillity and hope that come from listening to each other's stories. The girls are the experts in My So-Called Enemy--and their voices need to be heard, especially because they are young  women.