Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?

Opens Friday, December 6
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1hr 28mins // directed by:Michel Gondry // featuring:Noam Chomsky

From Michel Gondry, the innovative director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep, comes this unique animated documentary on the life of controversial MIT professor, philosopher, linguist, anti-war activist and political firebrand Noam Chomsky.

Through complex, lively conversations with Chomsky and brilliant illustrations by Gondry himself, the film reveals the life and work of the father of modern linguistics while also exploring his theories on the emergence of language. The result is not only a dazzling, vital portrait of one of the foremost thinkers of modern times, but also a beautifully animated work of art.

The Boston Herald 

"Gondry’s drawings evoke Peter Max, Keith Haring and Salvador Dali, and their constant, at times incredibly complex metamorphosis in an effort to illustrate Chomsky’s theories and Gondry’s questions is funny, intellectually stimu­lating and frequently delightful." - Jim Verniere 

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