Looking Through a Glass Onion: Deconstructing the Beatles' White Album

Monday, March 17
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1hr 30mins

In Looking Through A Glass Onion: Deconstructing The White Album, composer/producer Scott Freiman takes Beatles fans young and old into the studio with the Beatles as they create their bestselling album - The Beatles (commonly referred to as the White Album).

Released in 1968, the White Album’s thirty songs span almost every style of music -- from hard rock to country to chamber music to avant garde. Its recording took place during a remarkable year in Beatles history that included a lengthy trip to India and the arrival of Yoko Ono.

Join composer/producer Scott Freiman as he presents Looking Through A Glass Onion: Deconstructing The Beatles’ White Album at the Coolidge. In this two-hour multimedia presentation, Mr. Freiman transports his audience into Abbey Road studio for a look at the revolutionary techniques used during the production of “Revolution”, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, “Blackbird”, and other songs from the White Album. Using rare audio and video clips, as well as anecdotes about the creation of the songs, Mr. Freiman allows the audience to see and hear the evolution of these groundbreaking songs and discusses the songs’ lasting influence on popular music.

Musicians and non-musicians, Beatles fanatics and casual listeners will all enjoy Mr. Freiman’s presentation. You will never listen to the Beatles or any other music the same way again.

About Scott Freiman

Scott Freiman* is the CEO of Qwire† which creates collaborative, cloudbased tools for people who create, supply, and manage music for film and television. Mr. Freiman is also a composer, producer, and music educator. In 2009, Mr. Freiman created Deconstructing The Beatles, a series of multimedia presentations about the composition and production techniques of the Fab Four. Mr. Freiman has presented his lectures to sold out audiences throughout North America at theaters, museums and corporations, such as Pixar, Google, and Facebook. Mr. Freiman has also lectured at colleges and universities. Last Fall, Mr. Freiman was a guest professor at Yale University, where he taught a 13-part course entitled The Beatles In The Studio. Mr. Freiman’s insights into the music of the Beatles can be found in the book All the Songs: The Story Behind Every Beatles Release published in October 2013 by Black Dog and Leventhal.