Fri & Sat, October 12 & 13
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1hr 41mins // directed by:Tobe Hooper // featuring:Peter Firth, Patrick Stewart, Mathilda May

Director Tobe Hooper (Invaders from Mars) and screenwriter Dan O'Bannon (Alien, Return of the Living Dead) join forces to tell a terrifying tale of space succubi.

A crew of a research ship is studying Halley's Comet, but what they find hiding in its tail is more than they bargained for. They find an alien species, seemingly humanoid, that they bring back to Earth to study. Little do they realize that what at first seemed like a beautiful woman is really a deadly space vampire who sucks the lifeforce out of everyone she encounters, creating undead life-suckers in her wake. Soon, the world is in peril unless the scientists can figure out a way to kill these creatures.